Arriving  late in an unknown setting at  7 p.m.  and  join in a Circle Time Activity while other 20 people from 15  different countries are waiting for you……… is not really the best!

This has happened to me and that’s why I want to share the emotions  have crossed my mind in these wonderful  five  days  here  at  Newland  Park  for the Time for Tea Training Session.

From the initial feeling of being lost (what are you doing here Gabriella ?), minute after minute, hour after hour, or better  momentum  after momentum  everything became more clear to me.

I met fantastic trainers, which  introduced me into the Project and made me aware of the chances of non-formal education,  but most of all I met young professionals  that helped me to get into the core of the project.

I had a lot of fun, I reflected a lot, I let myself  involved by my young mates.

Thanks to all of them  I learned that together we can.