Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about the Time For Tea Project

What is Time For Tea?

When busy people have a cup of tea, they stop and think for a moment. Our leaders are no different. So what would you like them to think about while they drink their tea? Groups of young people or children from different countries imagine a short message on an issue that they think is important. They decide who they want to hear their message. Then they buy some tea, and design the most original and creative box or packet for it. They put their message inside the special packet, and find an interesting way to deliver the message to the leader they have chosen. All they are asking is that the leader should spend 5 minutes having a nice cup of tea and thinking about something which young people say is important. Finally, they tell the story of what they did, using film, photos, blogs or other creative media.

What is the Time For Tea international project?

This project will bring together teachers / youth workers / volunteers from 18 different countries including the UK for three linked activities:

  1. A training course about how to set up and organise a Time for Tea activity at the local or national level. You will first practice the activity together with other participants, and then make a detailed action plan for organising Time for Tea in your own country. You will also be trained on how to use video to report your activities.
  2. When you return home, you will have up to 6 months to organise your own Time for Tea project with a group of children or young people. You will produce a film of your activities. All the films will be uploaded and shared on the Time for Tea website.
  3. Finally, you will return to London in April 2018 to share your experience with all the other participants, and to present your project results at a public dissemination event in central London, for a VIP audience of key stakeholders and sponsors.
  4. It has been funded by the EU Erasmus+ programme
Our group does not speak English. Can we still take part?

Yes. You can do your project, write blogs, and send reports, in any language. We might ask you for a short summary in English.

In my country, people don’t usually drink tea. Can we do “Time for Coffee” instead?

Yes, please do. We love coffee just as much as tea – or any similar drink which is traditional in your own culture.

Why should I get involved in Time for Tea?

Time For Tea gets young people thinking about global issues. It gives them confidence to speak out. It encourages imagination and creativity. It makes them more curious about subjects at school, so they become better learners. It develops team working, communication skills and general self-confidence. It will give you a good story to tell about your school or youth group.

What and / type of young people can get involved?

Any. You just need a group of young people of a similar age, so they can work easily together. Younger groups will need an adult coordinator to help them (e,g, a teacher or youth worker).

Why is Momentum World doing this?

It helps us achieve our aims:

  • To inspire young people and develop their employability
  • To increase young people’s understanding of global issues, and their access to international projects
  • To add value to formal education
  • To promote intercultural understanding and inclusion

Also, we hope it will help us build relationships with schools and youth groups around the world, leading to future projects.

What kind of report should we make about our project?

We just want to hear (and if possible, see) your group’s story, at the end of the project. We will share this on our website. A short video (2-3 minutes max) would be perfect, but if you prefer, a photo-story, written report or sound recording will be fine too.

Can I get involved on my own?

Yes, we want to not only inspire organisations and groups but individuals so everyone is welcome. If you need support CONTACT US and we will explore different ways you can get involved

How much does Time For Tea cost?

Nothing – except for a packet of tea and any materials you use. Time for Tea is a free project, open to anyone.

We are outside Europe can we get involved?

This doesn’t matter, we welcome groups from all over the world to participate. Unfortunately our website only supports English at present so we would expect you to share your report/film in English. Click here to see where some of our projects are located

How do I share a Time For Tea video?

Instructions to be added shortly

Is there anyone I can talk to about Time For Tea?

You can sign up to our newsletter here or you can email us for support here. We always look forward to meeting new people who want to take this project forward in their organisations

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, call us on +44 (0)20 7062 8926 or contact us via email

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