Hello – my Name is Aya Arab. I am from Jordan. It was my first time that i came to UK to participate in Erasmus Plus Project called (Time For Tea). I really liked and inspired by this project and will tell why and how it was.

At the beginning, i couldn’t really understand what is the porpose of this project that i came for. All what i have got is that this project will help to develop youth and students, but how?
Here is the answer, is by having a cup of tea, which will open the door for youth and students to think creatively about the brightness and darkness that our world is going for. Then to wake up and find the most common international issues and problems, in order to work on it togother. By so much efforts, collaboration, enthusiasm and by creativness we will get the best world future.
There were many sessions during this project. The main one which i really liked, when i worked in a team compained with Roxana from Romania, Jaquien from Spain and Maurizio from Italy. We had to find a common shared issues between our countries. What we found out while we had a tea togother is that we all have same problem, which is many of smart people are leaving their home country to go to other country that offers to them better opportunities and better life.
Our main topic that gothered us to think of how we have to represent this issue and how to solve it. We planned, organized and worked on with full of team spirit. I’ve gained a lot of skills. Time For Tea Project led us to solve this issue through offer a cup of tea, which will open the connection channels between powerful groups and young talented groups during annual meetings, big events and conferences. This will give the chance to support and adapt the talented groups and keep them in their home country.
At the end, i would like to express how much i am happy, satisfied, proud and enthusiased to do more when i come back to my country. I am inspired by Time For Tea Project and ready to change the world.