We are so proud to announce that our time for tea international project has had the funding approved and will go ahead with 18+ countries. This is an major step forward in developing this project.
So what is it like bring in 18 countries together? The complexities and issues that you face is an organiser are massive but the rewards are much greater.

A few years ago we did a program with 23 countries and it was one of the highlights of my professional career, because the vibrancy, ideas, sharing of information creativity and culture was just incredible.
To base a project like this around the humble cup of tea will be an unusual experience because as a seasoned traveller I know how each country treats tea and the preparation of tea. Many of our European partners find it highly amusing that we put sugar and milk into Tea. So I’m really looking forward to documenting how each country takes their favourite drink.

The program and training starts in August and will run through until the following April when we will have huge showcase event in London.

Why not look at how you can get involved, whether it be as a volunteer or sponsor we have roles for everybody, contact us now.