Today is exactly a year since Jo Cox an MP from Batley, West Yorkshire was murdered by a right wing extremist.

The reason have set up a project called Time 4 Tea project is to address and educate people how to live in a multicultural society. How live alongside people who are different to you, who look different and have different beliefs and dress differently. Our project encourages young people to go to their leaders with important questions and asked them for help in sorting out answers to these questions.

Jo Cox was an amazing MP that was loved by her constituents and everybody that met her, her first speech to parliament included the following words…

“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us”

She simply got and understood people and was loved for this.

Jo would’ve been the first person to agree to meet with any member of our Time 4 Tea project, to hear their views to hear their questions and to help come up with a solution. Sadly she was taken from us before this could happen.

So in Jo’s memory and as a very simple tribute to her and her family we have our own and Parish Council bake sale tomorrow in which the cup of tea will be a central feature for the community to come together and discuss what it is that’s bothering them or share what they need help with. But more importantly is a chance for the community to come out and spend quality time with each other.

No matter where you are, who you are or what you are, you are all invited to join us from 12-4pm in our Memorial gardens in Holmewood, Chesterfield.

Our thoughts are with Jo’s family and friends at this difficult time. We also applaud them for setting up such a fantastic initiative which puts tea at its core.

Why not set up your own event next year in Jo’s memory? To do this visit to register and get your free information pack.

Rest in peace Jo your legacy lives on x