We are excited to announce that Time for Tea is expanding outside Europe. 2021 will see the start of a new series of activities in India, Thailand and the Philippines in addition to the UK and 14 other European countries. With support from the EU Erasmus+ Programme, the new project “Time for Tea in Europe and Asia” (TTEA) will run for two years, and will include training courses for teachers and youth workers, study visits, local youth advocacy projects, and an international dissemination event bringing together young people from Europe and Asia.

This new phase of Time for Tea aims to demonstrate the four key principles of youth work (participation, empowerment, education and inclusion), the efficacy of non-formal learning, and how this adds value to school-based education in each country. It will set an example of youth advocacy on sustainability issues (SDGs). It will create exceptional opportunities for professional knowledge-sharing and intercultural learning. Mutual benefit between all partners will be a fundamental principle of our approach.

Partners in the TTEA project are:

Rural Centre for Human Interests (RUCHI) – India

Associazione Joint – Italy
Global Initiative for Exchange & Development (GIED) – Philippines
Regional Volunteer Centre – Poland
Biderbost Boscan & Rochin (BB&R) – Spain
Volunteer Spirit Association – Thailand
Momentum World – UK
From this base, we will grow Time for Tea towards our goal of 100 countries.
Time for Tea is open to any school, youth group or informal group. You do not have to be part of the formal project or from one of the countries mentioned. Please contact us if you would like to get involved.