We should not forget that this programme is not only about Tea, but also about Time. When busy people have a cup of tea, they take time to stop and think. Time is precious, but also limitless. Time plus tea equals opportunity. That’s what we want to create.
Now our intern Marek Zdych has found an opportunity to explore Time in detail. Marek arrived in the UK from the Czech Republic in January 2020, and has completed a short period of work experience with Momentum World, during which¬†he helped develop various¬†aspects of this website. For the second half of his stay in the UK, Marek has moved on to a placement at Harris Horology in south London, where he is pursuing his true career interest cleaning and mending watches and clocks. It’s an ideal environment, because the workshop is located in the Clockworks, a fascinating museum of unique timepieces.
Thanks to master watchmakers James and Johan for making this possible.