This is a short report about an amazing project in Lviv, Ukraine

In the middle of February Time for Tea happened in Lviv, Ukraine! hurray!

9 teens who were or still are in the state care system talked about the issue of isolation of children in care. They made a 3D visualization of this topic – where a big wall divides kids from normal families and kids who live in state care institutions, as they have so little chance to interact with each other.

We were very impressed how many people came, as after inviting 10 guests (chiefs of local and regional social services, chief of the department of children affairs, chief of the Department of humanitarian policy, director of local children home, heads of local NGOs) many other people got interested and came to listen to our youngsters.

My teens were talking and sharing their thoughts and feelings and people were applauding…Can you imagine this? I was watching them and being so proud of my guys speaking up in front of those officials. And I was thinking how happy I am that I got a chance to get to know Time for tea project! Thank you dear Andrew Hadley Paul Oxborough Ben Holland Eleanor Oxborough Dafydd Alexander I love you all!


Moreover – this is not the end as it was not just a talk – teens decided to spread this message to administrations of local schools and then to organize a big event in May (Talents in Action) where all kids would finally meet and ruin all the stereotypes!


— feeling fantastic in Lviv, Ukraine.