Encouraging social action over a cup of tea

Here are some practical and promotional tools to help you get started with Time for Tea. Click on the images to see more.

If you have a question about the project take a look here. There will hopefully be an answer for you.

Watch this simple guide to better understand how the process works.

Watch this presentation for a more detailed description of the process.

This provides a general introduction and guide to the project, advice on how to get involved, and suggested materials and methodologies for use when working with young people. This has been created in all 4 languages. If you wish to access it in Polish, Italian or Spanish please contact us.

A selection of best practice case studies of inclusion projects from each partner, which demonstrates a range of different approaches and illustrates the principles and values which Time for Tea is meant to promote.

These help teachers to understand how non-formal learning adds value to formal education and supports the curriculum. This will ensure that non-formal learning (including Time for Tea) is approved and supported at all levels by showing a clear and direct link to relevant local, regional and national education policies.

A colourful and engaging narrative for primary school children, intended to teach them about global issues and inspire them to make their voices heard. This has also been created in Polish.

An innovative and unique online virtual space for information, networking and dissemination. This inclusive and zero-carbon medium will allow intercultural learning and interaction between young people around Europe and the world. If you would like to arrange an activity for young people or youth workers in the teahouse please contact us.